The 3rd and Final Book of the Trology

Now we come to the latest volume to join the stable. This time, some high-tech was brought in to help enhance the pleasure you can gain from revisiting the places I certainly had the greatest pleasure exploring on your behalf.

With over 1500 photographs shoe-horned onto the CD, some 101-style tutorials, not to mention all the GPS plots, software and links to useful Web sites, I really pulled out all the stops to get as much information to you as I possibly could.

This format may well be repeated in future years as we revise the North Island volume I, and also have a look at the South Island series in cahoots with Ken and Mark.

Till then, I just hope you get even one-tenth of the please I took in visiting these truly wonderful places.

The 3rd and Final Book of the Trilogy

This book came with a companion - 102 Off-Road Adventures - Companion CD