The Book That Started it AllVolume I was published way back in 1997, but of course the planning went back well before, when Ken Silby first contacted me about two years earlier with the germ of an idea.

Ken sold this idea to the publishers, Shoal Bay Press, in Ken's home town of Christchurch. From then as they say, the rest is history. The South Island book of 77 Off-Road Adventures was first onto the bookstalls, with my North Island version 80 Off-Road Adventures following about a year later.

With tracks a-plenty down South, Ken and his co-author Mark, quickly came up with their second offering of 93 New Off-Road Adventures, and they really laid down the gauntlet for me. Sadly though, the North Island is just not so well endowed with such places, and for the second North Island book, I had to look to more of a Soft-Road edition. This then was how book II came into being:

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The Book That Started it All