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About the Author
Born in Yorkshire, England, Andi spent his formative years in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, backdrop to many classical and modern literary works. The Brontë sisters are legendary on the adjacent moors, and James Herriot based his famous and wonderfully humorous veterinary books in the area.

Modern television series still rely heavily on this Yorkshire backdrop for the unrivalled atmosphere such works as Emmerdale Farm, Heartbeat and Follifoot are all filmed in the very areas Andi grew up in.

Perhaps he also inherited some of the Yorkshire grit and humour along the way. That afforded him the opportunity to see the world by working throughout Europe and the Middle East before finally migrating to New Zealand in the late 1980s. As he puts it: 'Every time I would venture overseas, something would keep tugging me back to the Dales that is until I found New Zealand or did New Zealand find me?'

In any event, Andi has made New Zealand his home, and carried on with his passion for exploration, finding his way around the North Island, exploring every nook and cranny that many of us bypass with nary a look. Now available in book form as a series of 4WD adventures, these delightful and at times challenging exploits are recorded in two volumes for you to explore for yourself.

With a lifetime of back-country exploration, most of it by either foot or 4WD, Andi is eminently qualified to offer the advice and guidance necessary to help make your off-road adventure not only enjoyable, but safe as well.

Immediate past president (now vice-president) of the Cross Country Vehicle Club, based in Wellington, and a member of the executive of the Four Wheel Drive Association, Andi is heavily involved in the promotion of all things associated with 4WD recreation and in representing the interests of the 4WD recreational user. He is also a founder member of Tread Lightly! and the Akatarawa Recreational Access Committee, as well as finding time to sit on the committee of Foxton Beach Coast Care. As if that isn't enough, he also finds time to research and write the odd book for your enjoyment!