Book III

Now we come to the latest volume to join the stable. This time, some high-tech was brought in to help enhance the pleasure you can gain from revisiting the places I certainly had the greatest pleasure exploring on your behalf.

With over 1500 photographs shoe-horned onto the CD, some 101-style tutorials, not to mention all the GPS plots, software and links to useful Web sites, I really pulled out all the stops to get as much information to you as I possibly could.

This format may well be repeated in future years as we revise the North Island volume I, and also have a look at the South Island series in cahoots with Ken and Mark.

Till then, I just hope you get even one-tenth of the please I took in visiting these truly wonderful places.

People keep asking me are any of the books still available, but sorry no. They do come up from time to time on Amazon, E-Bay and TradeMe.

You can download a copy of the .iso for the Book III CD here, or view it online here